El Sol Cubano

The Soul of Cuba

El Sol Cubano

3He’s leading you now to a simpler place, frozen in time. An island of the sun, afloat in the Caribbean Sea. Feel soft , powdery sand beneath your feet as you follow along an idyllic beach. Wince at the brightness of the sun, then release yourself to the warm, soothing embrace of its rays. See rich hues of crystalline sea, blue sky and white cloud meet on the horizon. Breathe in the refreshing and exotic aromas of tropical richness. Dance ahead of cool waters as they try to catch your feet on the shore. Hear the sounds of palm trees rustling in gentle breeze, waves rolling against golden beach, the beat of the conga drums, tanned, exotic people laughing, celebrating life. You want to be part of it. You are welcome and at peace here. The people recognize him now and move to greet him. Cuba’s first martyr, Hatuey.

Our Story

A Prestigious Brand evoking the Era of 1950′s Cuba


El Sol Cubano existed for a long time… as a state of mind, and stems from our desire for something different, something more from the men’s personal care products world. There was nothing really special out there … nothing capable of transporting one to a tropical beach. Nothing that really complemented our travels and adventures; nothing that enhanced our experience. Until now. El Sol Cubano; a prestige brand evoking the era of 1950’s Cuba.


El Sol Cubano SPF15 Sunscreen

Welcome to the Revolution!

A rich, luxurious formulation. Trade Secret fragrance capable of transporting mind, body and spirit to tropical Cuba. El Sol Cubano; The Soul of Cuba

Men’s SPF15 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

UVA/UVB Protection
Water Resistant for 40 Minutes
Sweat Resistant
4 ounces (118 ml)
Free Ground shipping with the purchase of 2 or more tubes


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